This program was designed to allow for greater conversation with our audience – to engage you in new, more meaningful ways with the work
we have created here at the Jungle.


Here's what audience members have to say about "Come Early, Stay Late:"

"I was so grateful for the pre-theatre talk that unlocked the themes."

"I loved the play and understood it due to the pre-play presentation. A godsend!"

"I really appreciate having the actors talk with the audience after. Ron M[enzel, Constellations] was very informative and charming when he joined us, and talking with the cast members after Two Gents also added to the positive experience of that show. 
Thanks for adding that dimension to the performances."

"The post performance discussion was very helpful in appreciating the entirety of the project."

"The pre/post discussions are wonderful!"

"We appreciated the post-performance discussion with Emily Gunyou Halaas [Le Switch]. Fascinating to
learn about how the author used the Playwrights' Center to craft the play.""