Sarah Rasmussen - Artistic Director  
email - 612.278.0142

Christopher Scholl - Managing Director
email - 612.278.0141

Carrie Knudsen Hendrickson - Box Office Manager
email - 612.278.0144

Box Office email- 612.822.7063

Megan Mattox - Marketing Associate
email - 602.327.6204  

Amanda Brown - Development Associate
email - 612.278.0147

Katherine Pardue - Artistic Associate

John Novak - Season Stage Manager
email - 612.278.0136

Matt Earley - Production Manager
email -  612.278.0146

Anne Q. Ulseth - PR Consultant

Eric Zuelke - House Manager

Box Office Staff/Concessionaires - Heather Baldwin, Louisa Cadwell, Amelia English, Jordyn Haley, Nick Haug, Charlene Holm, Samantha Papke, and Ashley Sierra




If you are interested in joining the board of directors, please contact
Managing Director Christopher Scholl at

Board Chair   Theodora Gaitas                      
Vice Chair  Jeffrey Bores
Treasurer  Katy Voecks                    
Secretary  Craig Ashby
Sunny Beddow, Tom Beimers, Brad Betlach, Larry Bussey, 
Cari Erickson, Ed Friedland, Jon Kachelmacher, Tom Keller, 
Thom Lewis, Sarah Meyer, Jennifer (JJ) Schaidler, Amber Senn, Michael Shann, Marcia Stout, David Swenson, Nancy Weingartner, 
David Weinstein, Mary Sue Weir and Barbara Zell


We take pride in our support of nonprofit organizations and schools both locally and across the country. 

As of March 1, 2017, the Jungle is only accepting charity requests via the request link below. We will fill the first 100 requests per month on a "first come, first served" basis.

Please follow this link to fill out the request form. Do not mail in a charity request - we do not accept mailed documents.