The town of East Farmington (population unknown) has a problem.

Well, two problems, really. First, the self-destructive hostility and intentionally ignorant brutishness that has earned the town the title of Most Impossible To Deal With for the last seven years running by Town Cooperation Magazine. Secondly, and perhaps relatedly, no one has been showing up to the regularly scheduled town meetings. There is important municipal business to discuss, information to be shared, and decisions to be made.

So this time around, the meeting will be fun, offering live entertainment as well as important government work. Music, comedy, folklore, and lots of other surprises make this more of a variety show as anything. But tough issues will also be tackled, such as:

?         Should the fire department put out ALL fires, not just the ones they feel like putting out?

?         Should we stop high school students from eating ants because they think they’ll get high, when ants are a good source of protein?

?         Where did our Mayor go? Has anyone seen him? Will someone else be Mayor?

?         Is anyone brave enough to check what’s living in the abandoned mall?


Loaner shirts will be available for those who forgot to wear a shirt. The loaner shirts will have cinder blocks tied to them so no one “accidentally” takes them.

East Farmington is not affiliated with any actual city or town bearing a similar name and is not located in any particular state.

This production is brought to you by The Obligation

The Obligation is a new group featuring many of the creative minds behind the "Wits" series: Christina Baldwin, Mike Fotis, John Moe, and Janey Winterbauer. Together, they are creating a one-of-a-kind live theatrical experience, combining comedy, music, improv, limited and tasteful audience participation, multimedia effects, and municipal deliberation. This is The Obligation’s first production.