A new musical

Set against the backdrop of 1965’s East Coast blackout, Fly By Night is an ode to young love in a world filled with darkness. In a story both hilarious and bittersweet, a melancholy sandwich maker’s life is changed forever by two captivating sisters. With a score that will stay with you, Fly By Night reminds us that, “life is not the things we do...
it’s who we’re doing them with.”

...Immersed in tradition, but utterly original.

— Dallas News


Jim Lichtscheidl - Narrator
Chris Koza - Harold McClam
James Detmar - Mr. McClam
Royer Bockus - Daphne
Leah Anderson - Miriam
Joy Dolo - Crabble
Joshua Campbell - Joey Storms


Sarah Rasmussen - Director
Trevor Bowen - Costume Design
Barry Browning - Lighting Design
Sean Healey - Sound Design
Joe Stanley - Scenic Design
Mark Christine - Music Director
John Novak - Stage Manager/Properties