We had over 5,500 patrons attend our Stay Late sessions in Season 2016 - wow!

We'll continue that in 2017, but instead of Come Early, we'll be hosting Weekend Workshops to engage you up close and hands-on with our work. You'll learn about costume design, acting technique, playwrighting, and more!



Join playwright Josh Tobiessen for two sessions that will help you hone your skills as a comedy writer or playwright. A successful comedy is more than just entertainment; it sucker punches our expectations and bonds an audience with laughter. Good comedy isn’t easy, but in these workshops, Josh will help you break down the elements of a good comedy scene. Through reading examples and practical writing exercises, you’ll learn how to use those elements as tools in your own work.

Click on the date of the workshop you wish to attend for registration.

April 15, 2 p.m. 

April 22, 2 p.m.

All workshops take place in the Jungle Theater lobby. 
Space is limited to 20 participants.



Here's what audience members have to say ABOUT OUR STAY LATE AND WEEKEND WORKSHOP PROGRAM

"Cristina [Castro] gave a great presentation on the history of Latinx theater in the US and provided us with some awesome resources so we can get to know Latinx plays, writers, and theaters better...  [We] were able to spend the second half having an intimate and honest conversation about race, identity, and diversity in theatre. I really appreciated the thoughts and work everyone...put forward in the workshop
and am very glad I attended." (Latinx Theater Workshop in conjunction with "Anna in the Tropics")

"Thank you again for providing such a wonderful puppet workshop. My grandson, Eero, carried the Ninja puppet with him wherever he went this past weekend. Everyone was kind, tolerant and so patient with the children. And, for that, I am immensely grateful." (Puppet-making workshop in conjunction with "The Oldest Boy")

"I really appreciate having the actors talk with the audience after. Ron M[enzel, 'Constellations'] was very informative and charming when he joined us, and talking with the cast members after Two Gents also added to the positive experience of that show. 
Thanks for adding that dimension to the performances."

"The post performance discussion was very helpful in appreciating the entirety of the project."

"The pre/post discussions are wonderful!"

"We appreciated the post-performance discussion with Emily Gunyou Halaas ['Le Switch']. Fascinating to
learn about how the author used the Playwrights' Center to craft the play.""